Business people negotiating a contract


  • Pricing
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Multi-Contract Synchronization

Having a well-designed data and voice network is only a part of the solution for our clients. Because of the vast client base we support, we are also experts in provider pricing. Whether you are staying with your current provider or choosing a new one, we will know the lowest possible price for the services you require. Clients continually leverage us because of this expertise. Sure you have some serious talent in your IT team and can design networks that are world-class but what about the pricing and contract terms. Do you want to leave that to your purchasing teams who may not know as much about what your buying as you or us? Will they be aware of the new technology coming in the next few years and design your pricing contract terms to work synchronously with your direction over the next several years? Your NCL team will stay ahead of this always. This is why CIOs take us with them from company to company throughout their careers.

What about terms and conditions? How do you design a contract with the best terms and conditions for your needs? Your NCL team has negotiated thousands of carrier/provider contracts on behalf of our clients. We work directly with your legal team to provide advice and guidance on how to best structure all of your agreements to mitigate overall risk.

Lastly, almost of all of our clients leverage multiple vendors to implement a final solution. Concerns around synchronous end dates, similar SLAs, and having customer friendly terms throughout tailored to your needs are just a few of the areas we focus upon when managing your multiple contracts.