network design


  • LAN/WAN Services (SDN, MPLS, VPLS, VPN, Internet, and more)
  • Private Line Services (OCx, Fiber, DWDM, Oceanic Transport, and more)
  • Voice Services (SIP, UCaaS, Key/PBX, Dedicated LD, and Contact Center/Cloud Voice Solutions)
  • Colocation and Cloud Services (Colocation, Data Center, Managed IT, Cloud, and Hybrid Solutions)
  • *aaS (DRaaS, Data Analytics, Cloud App Support, SaaS, Office 365, and much more)
  • Wireless (Phones, Locators, 4G/LTE Backup, Hotspots)

Network Design is a continuous endeavor for most organizations. Just because you design a solution for your organization doesn’t mean in a few years or less, you’ll be right back at it, designing a “new” solution based on better/cheaper technology. You need to be an expert is many areas and within the next few years, you’ll need to become an expert in even more. Staying ahead of the curve is battle within itself.

How do you remain the smartest person in the room?

What if you could leverage an organization that has been around since 1989. What if they could assign multiple design consultants with over 25 years of experience each? And lastly, what if they offered their expertise at no additional charge other than implementing their solutions when it makes sense and timing is appropriate with no contractual commitment to do so?

From the moment NCL came into existence, this has been our philosophy. We believe that true value comes from our willingness to invest in our client’s success. Without that investment, we are merely a vendor with little significance.

Our team offers you a vast knowledge base and expertise managing hundreds of networks and thousands of circuits. NCL knows how to create smooth running infrastructures that work in concert with all of your required services. Why choose MPLS over VPLS or the reverse? How to decide which version of SDN is most appropriate for your topology? Which vendors offers the most flexibility for SIP Diversity.

Listed below are a few of the areas of expertise we bring to you and your team;

  • BPO & ARM Experts – We are leaders in supporting BPO & ARM organizations around the globe
  • Retail Experts – We support many very large well known retail organizations
  • Global Topologies – We manage dozens of global customers who rely on NCL for sustainability and diversity planning for both their WAN and Voice infrastructures.
  • Multi-Carrier Design – NCL's structure permits our design team to be completely agnostic. This enables us to be able to choose from dozens of providers to offer the best possible solution for your business every time
  • Generational Planning – Technology changes constantly. We are constantly educating our team to ensure we are planning for your future with every deployment.