Pricing and Contract Negotiations is critical to building a strong Voice & Data Infrastructure. Without flexibility, great pricing, and multi-contract synchronization, your network design is at risk of sustainability.

  • Flexibility
    • Your NCL Team will assist in ensuring all of your vendor contracts offer the maximum amount of flexibility. We do this by leveraging our decades of experience. Your negotiation team will have no less than 50 years combined experience working on each of your contracts.
  • Pricing
    • A good sign of a well-honed IT Infrastructure is the price they pay for products and services acquired. The NCL Team has negotiated thousands of contracts for the services you require to run your business. We know the absolute lowest rate possible for the products & services you require. Where-as a direct rep from your vendor is going to charge you the highest rate possible that you are willing to pay; your NCL Team’s mission is to ensure you are always paying the lowest rate possible. This enables you to prove our value to your business. This has been our philosophy since 1989.
  • Multi-Contract Synchronization
    • All companies today have several if not dozens of vendor contracts to support their infrastructure. This more often than not becomes overwhelming and confusing. We see a lot of companies get locked into vendors because they commit themselves to heavily or don’t take into account the holistic view of each contract. Sometimes, you’ll see this great rate from a rosy new vendor and sign a contract only to realize that the trickle down increases costs from other vendors and/or increased internal IT cost. On top of that, your risk of Shadow IT Expense increases exponentially. Your NCL Team will work with you on a regular basis ensuring that all of your contracts work in concert with each other. Lastly and most importantly to any growing company, NCL will help your team forecast additional vendor needs many years into the future. Since this is what we do all day long every day, we know which products and services are coming up in the horizon and can prepare you to take advantage of these new technologies and rates in the future.

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