• Put a formal Total Expense Management process in places
  • Help standardize TEM business processing outsourcing procedures through our automated tools and analytics
  • Manage telecom negotiations and contracts for more aggressive rates and compliance
  • Analyze telecom invoices and usage to provide insight on network design and telecom implementation
  • Tie inventory to cost centers and locations
  • Monthly TEM bill processing including bill review and reporting
  • Pay telecom invoices on your behalf
  • Coordinate with AP department to provide detailed payment reconciliation files
  • Review and pay utility invoices
  • RFP Management
  • Cost effective pricing model that pays for itself typically within 30 days


NCL’s Telecom Expense Management services provide overall telecom expense reduction. This will benefit your company by:

  • Reducing telecom expenses that are unconventional and excessive.
  • Providing telecom cost recovery, particularly on overpayment
  • Improving dispute reconciliation
  • Centralizing telecom order management and tracking, telecom inventory management and maintenance and vendor management
  • Reducing time required to assemble budgets
  • Increasing contract leverage in telecom negotiations with local telecom vendors


Many of our customers complain about being billed for services that should have been cancelled, or finding errors on their telecom bills that drag on for months. How do you go about getting credit for billing errors and late disconnects? NCL’s experienced telecom consultants have the answers.

NCL, Inc. will:

  • Research telecom billing history for errors
  • Assist in documenting the requests for cancellation
  • Assist in telecom bill tracking and clean up
  • Calculate credits due
  • Create business case of why credits are warranted
  • Document telecom consolidation and requests for cancellation on telecom bill audits
  • Undertake telecom bill management, calculating credits due
  • Contact carriers to request appropriate credits
  • Follow-through to ensure credits are applied to the account

NCL’s cost recovery methods have greatly aided the finances of many corporations. We often uncover mistakes when performing a telecom bill audit, or as part of ongoing telecom expense management. These mistakes may help your company decide if telecom cost recovery is warranted.


Why is it important to conduct a telecommunications audit of your telecom services? A telecom audit will help you understand exactly what services you have and how much you are paying for them. An audit can identify services that are no longer needed, telecom services that may be going to locations that have been closed for years, or lines and circuits not in use. A telecom bill audit can enable you to see more efficient ways to design your company’s network, resulting in a HUGE telecom cost reduction. Our average customer has savings of over 25%. We put money back into your company’s pocket!

Audit Process:

  • Gather copies of all your telecom invoices
  • Prepare a telecom contract/vendor list
  • Get copies of all telecom Carrier Records
  • Create database of all lines, trunks, features, etc. and the costs associated with your telecom inventory management
  • Provide recommendations for telecom consolidation, correction, or elimination
  • Prepare telecom design recommendations to optimize network
  • Alert you of cramming, slamming and other fraudulent charges
  • Clean up the mess—Eliminate unneeded services and pursue credits for contractual inconsistencies and errors

Site Survey:

NCL will take your audit to the next step by providing an on-site technician to test for:

  • Active Lines
  • DMARC location
  • Cross connects of lines
  • Destination of each number


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